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Krista Galbraith

Krista Galbraith
Title: Health Physics Assistant
Company: NB Power Nuclear

 Krista Galbraith has been with NB Power for 18 years working in the field of Chemistry. Her work involves monitoring, analysis, troubleshooting, operation of plant process equipment and systems related to chemistry. Krista enjoys her field of expertise due to plenty of variety which includes office type administration, lab analysis and troubleshooting.

Her educational background consists of a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from UNB, Saint John in 1989 and Diploma of Chemical Technology from NBCC, Saint John in 1992. Krista has also acquired her CCT (Chemical Technologist) certification designation from the Canadian Chemical Institute of Technology and CET (Chemical Engineering Technologists) certification designation from the New Brunswick Society of Certified Engineering Technicians & Technologists. Krista has in addition taken several chemistry related courses as part of her continuing training program at Point Lepreau Generating Station.

One of the most memorable and rewarding work related projects Krista participated in was the debris retrieval of an foreign material exclusion bung left in a boiler in 1995 which caused a station shutdown. The project involved making sure all wood and screws from the bung, once retrieved, were all accounted for. Personnel on the project overcame adversity through troubleshooting, problem solving and team work. The completion of the project had proved to the nuclear industry that people were indeed the greatest asset and the station restarted again in record time.

Krista’s husband, Ross has been credited as her greatest influence. They both attended community college together and would compete against each other to excel. Even though Ross has been out of the Chemistry field for a while, together they still discuss work and troubleshoot solutions. Krista’s personal work satisfaction comes from seeing a direct impact and making a difference in what she does everyday, she knows that the station can not operate without water being purified. In addition, as a Chemical Maintainer on shift, she is treated with respect and works as an integral part of a team where everyone’s role is crucial. Krista’s message to young people is “no matter what job you have, you are an important part and if you do it well and take pride in your work, you can go anywhere”.

What inspired Krista to get involved with WiN was realizing after going to a meeting that there is not a large enough female presence in the workforce who are giving positive messages about technologies in the nuclear industry and related careers. She especially enjoyed being a mentor at the Skills Work! Networking Dinner which helps break down barriers and educates young women on preconceived notions about skilled trades and non-traditional careers. Krista feels that the WiN organization is a fantastic mechanism for women to freely talk, openly share, and ask questions without prejudging and intimidation in a supportive environment.

As created August 17, 2010.

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