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Penny Forbeck

Penny Forbeck
Title: Civil Maintenance/Charity Campaign Chair
Company: opg

 Penny Forbeck comes to us from OPG Darlington, where she wears many hats.  While her primary role is in Civil Maintenance in the insulation department, she is also the Charity Campaign Chair and Toastmaster President, a corporate club she was instrumental in getting started.  Penny says that she gets job satisfaction in her current role because as she says, “I love the fact that I am encouraged to grow as a woman in a non-traditional role.  I am always given the tools needed to advance my skills.”

While Penny enjoys her ‘day job’ in Civil Maintenance, it is clear that she also takes enormous satisfaction from her involvement in both the Toastmasters Club as well as the OPG Charity Campaign.  She says that these two roles have been some of her most rewarding projects to date.  Working on charity events last year while the economy was devastated provided the opportunity to give back when the community was struggling.

Penny credits the Empowered Woman program as one of the biggest career influences in her life, saying that “I can’t say enough good about the program…what I needed to hear came to me at a time when I needed it the most!”  She stays motivated by setting tough goals and never giving up, knowing that small steps and setbacks are inevitable but don’t mean failure, and she keeps in mind that “small opportunities are often the beginning of great enterprises” (Demosthenes)- Penny’s own philosophy seems to be ‘start small, aim big, never give up.’

It was Penny’s previous Section Manager, Grant Butcher who suggested that Penny get involved with WiN Canada.  She says she was hooked after her first meeting and continues to stay involved with the organization.  Because she works in a male-dominated corporation, in a non-traditional role, Penny finds the networking opportunities with other women invaluable: “it is very important to network with the women we do have and help each other in accomplishing our goals.” 

Created on May 28, 2010

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