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Catherine Clarke

Catherine Clarke
Title: Manager Engineering
Company: AREVA NP Canada Ltd

Catherine Clarke works as a Senior Engineer for RCM Technologies Canada Corp. Her responsibilities include managing day-to-day activities of long term configuration management projects, as well as ensuring client needs are met. Catherine’s most satisfying project was constructing a secondary waste water treatment plant at Spruce Falls Pulp and Paper Plant.   

As an engineering consulting company, RCM Technologies has a wide variety of projects, which is just one of the reasons Catherine loves her job. She has had the opportunity to work on some very interesting and challenging projects, all of which have taught her something new. Regardless of the project, Catherine works with a team of others to try to solve the problem. Her job ensures that nuclear plants operate smoothly.  

Catherine graduated from Lakehead University with Bachelor of Engineering. She has received her B. Eng Degree and is registered with PEO as a P. Eng. While in high school, Catherine had visions of becoming a test pilot in the military. At this time, women were not allowed to be test pilots, and after receiving some directional advice, Catherine pursued Mechanical Engineering instead. This degree would provide Catherine with many options after graduation – it would even allow her to study Masters in Aeronautical Engineering, if she was still interested. Instead, she took the opportunity to work in the Pulp and Paper industry in Northern Ontario in order to gain some hands-on work experience. Thanks to her work term there, many doors were opened for her in both her career and personal life. It was her role in the Pulp and Paper industry that then lead her to start her career in nuclear. 

Catherine’s manager of Technical Services, Cindy Sypher, has influenced her most. Cindy has provided an example of professionalism that differs from others, and Catherine tries to work this style into her own.

Catherine’s advice is to dream – and never let anyone tell you “you can’t”. She believes that WiN is a great place to network with like minded women, and has had her own experience networking during her local chapter meetings. She thinks that women can bring a unique perspective into any business, and that women should continue to have the opportunities needed to fulfill their dreams and their goals.  

As created Dec. 7, 2010


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