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Monique Haakensen

Monique Haakensen
Title: President & Principal Scientist
Company: Contango Strategies

As founder, President and Principal Scientist at Contango Strategies Ltd., Monique’s expertise in microbiology and biogeochemistry involves working in remediation and adaptive management strategies for various mining and oil and gas industries including the nuclear sector. She has a profound interest in the influence and role of microbes on their macro-environment, and the development and application of technologies to employ these microbes to reduce environmental impacts and enhance remediation efforts. Having a variety of scientific publications and international speaking experience, Monique is passionate about translating detailed and intricate science into everyday language and applicability.

They say that “variety is the spice of life” and that certainly holds true for Monique who loves the fact that there is something different going on all the time in her job. Monique feels that it is truly a very rewarding experience to start up and grow a business in the environmental sector, including development of proprietary technologies.

Monique was named as one of Canada's top future entrepreneurial leaders under the age of 30 by Profit Magazine (2012), and featured in Canada's state of the nation address on science technology and innovation (2013). In addition to being a PhD, Monique holds her Certificate in Bioinformatics, a BSc in microbiology as well as being a Professional Biologist (PBiol) and Environmental Professional (EP). Monique says that her husband and scientific mentors, who all challenged her to try new things and think in new ways, were the factors that have influenced her career the most.

Every day of Monique’s work presents itself so many new opportunities, whether it be new sites/projects, difference scientific concepts, or new view points and approaches to problem solving. She finds the opportunity to solve problems and to make a difference in a range of industries and sites to be highly rewarding.

Running her business is both professional and personal for Monique. When she takes time to relax, she enjoys gardening/landscaping, traveling with her husband and playing with their dogs and cat.

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