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Tammy Breau

Tammy Breau
Title: EI&C Maintainer
Company: NB Power Nuclear

Tammy has been working at NB Power, Point Lepreau Generating Station for 18 months. Originally starting as a student while attending NBCC-Saint John she worked in the electrical design department performing Environmental Qualification (EQ) work. Tammy was transferred into the Electrical & Instrumentation (EI&C) shop performing calibration and maintenance of process and safety systems equipment and was subsequently hired on as an Electrical Engineering Technologist. Tammy prefers the plant atmosphere over a desk job where there is more interaction with people in the field rather than sitting at a desk performing paperwork.

Presently, Tammy is a Problem Identification and Corrective Action (PICA) screener and workgroup coordinator for the maintenance shops. She was awarded this job to work on corrective actions for the maintenance shops. She sees this as her most rewarding project for a couple of reasons, the Corrective Action Program (CAP) is a station priority and a challenge with the constant pace of setting priorities and helping to change the opinions and behaviours on the shop floor.

Tammy credits her mom as the one person that influenced her most in her life. She would always be there encouraging her no matter how many times she felt like quitting. "Mom was a constant source of support." Tammy’s message to young people would be “no matter where you come from and where you are in your life, you can achieve anything you want. There is no road block too big, go and get it!”

When Tammy joined WiN, she wanted the chance to be able to motivate women and challenge others to reach outside the box. She gets great personal satisfaction from being a mentor at the Skills Canada Networking Dinner for Young Women and would encourage other women to do the same.

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