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I am honoured and proud to have the opportunity to serve as WiN–Canada’s next president, and to follow President Colleen Sidford’s four successful years in the role. I look forward to drawing on her experience as we work on expanding WiN’s role across Canada.
It is an exciting time in the nuclear industry and one that is ripe with opportunities for the thousands of women who work there.
As an ecologist, I appreciate the growing attention to climate change and the critical role that our industry plays in providing a cleaner energy alternative. I am especially pleased to see that scientists are becoming increasingly vocal in their support for our industry[1].
WiN members understand the critical role that the nuclear industry plays in achieving Canada’s greenhouse gas targets because of our direct involvement in the industry. There are several thousands of us working to produce emissions free electricity every single day. And there is room for plenty more.
Ours is an experienced workforce and an aging one. As such, we offer a wealth of employment opportunities for women and young people. In the years to come these as yet underrepresented groups will be increasingly drawn upon to meet the growing demands for highly skilled labour.
In preparation, we will need to engage more women and young people in the Skilled Trades and STEM subjects - science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These are the subjects that we in the industry are passionate about. We need to continue to communicate that passion to other women and young people. 
I look forward to meeting and working with many WiN-Canada members at upcoming industry and WiN events. Through our collaboration with other women’s groups, I believe that we can expand our reach and better prepare women and young people for the opportunities ahead.
Because, at the end of the day, we all want the same thing – a reliable energy supply to support a healthy lifestyle for our families and communities..
Best regards,
Heather Kleb

[1] Late last year 60 leading conservationists and ecologists signed the pro-nuclear 'Open Letter to Environmentalists', citing a respected conservation journal, where scientists had singled out the nuclear industry for having one of the highest cost-benefit ratios, based on “biodiversity, climate outcomes and socio-political imperatives”. 

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